Day 27: Injured or Just Cramp?

Was going along at a nice, steady 6:30 pace when I felt a sharp pain in my achilles/soleus, right where the gastroc overlaps. Decided to walk 1km and reassess. By then it was a low level, dull pain. So hopefully just a cramp and nothing more. I’ll keep an eagle eye on that the next few days.

Ran the last 2km lightly, walking up one of the steeper hills. It was hurting whether I walked or ran lightly. I determined I wasn’t doing further damage and had to get home by foot anyway. Fingers & toes crossed.

Ended up doing the 6km in 46:39.

I’m not going to risk further injury just to keep on track with this marathon challenge, so I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few days. If I can’t run, I’ll consider walking the distance, but if that’s too much, I’ll just miss the time I need to miss and pick up wherever I pick up.

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