Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you!

I took Christmas (yesterday) off as well as the day before. It was good to have a bit of a break, go for a swim, eat to satisfaction (but no more – what’s the point in feeling sick after?), spend time with friends & family, watch the first day of the Boxing Day Test and have an all round great 2 days.

Aim was to run 7km today to make sure of hitting this week’s target. But my garmin ended up dying at 5.62km, so I had to run by feel. I overshot rather than fall short and ended up doing 7.6km in 49:02.

I’m zeroing in on 6:30 as my base pace. Most of January will be run at that pace. It’s a good spot to springboard into a 6:10 long run pace and 5:40 tempo, which will deliver a 4 hour marathon. So I will have covered my goal. If things go well, I’ll up the base pace a little and train for a sub 4 hour marathon.

Only a couple of days left of running 40km weeks. Soon it’ll be time to upgrade to 50s.

Read half of Born To Run last night for the umpteenth time. Love that book.

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