New Challenge: Marathon

So this challenge will be a little different from the others, in that I’m not just going to do it for 90 days. This is going to be almost 9 months long… (!!)

I’m going to do the City 2 Surf Perth Marathon at the end of August. I don’t know if it’s the 24th or the 31st of August next year.

The challenge is to run every day from now until the marathon.

My framework of weekly mileage is:

  • December – 40 km per week
  • January – 50 km per week
  • February – 60 km per week
  • March – 70 km per week
  • April – 80 km per week
  • May – 90 km per week
  • June & July – 100 km per week
  • August – sharpen, taper and marathon

The details of the program I’ll sort out later, but December and January are going to just be about running a consistent distance every day.

It works out at about 6km per day in December and 7km per day in January.

I’ve not done a great deal of running for quite some time. I’m in reasonable shape (ran a non-stop 10km in 1:08 two days ago), but nothing spectacular. The most important thing for me is to get back into the daily running habit I established last year with the Run Challenge.

I’ve run one marathon, in 6:09:32 (not a good time at all). I’m targeting a sub-4 hour marathon, but secretly hoping to get around 3:30 with all the work I’m going to put in between now and August. My fastest Half Marathon is 2:06:29, so I’ve got a lot of work to do!

Between now and the marathon, I’ll run around 3,000km, which will likely be about 300 hours of running (which equates to 12.5 days non-stop in case you wondered lol).

I’ll probably post here regularly at the start and then a little infrequently as it becomes same old.

The best way to follow along (if you’d like to) is at – I track all my runs there and go into more detail than I probably will here.

… Deep breath… here we go!

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