Day 29: Be The Tortoise

Sure felt like a tortoise today. Looks like it is a calf injury from the other day. I took yesterday off to rest it. Figured I’d go out nice and easy today and see how it went. There’s still some dull pain there, but it’s like a 1 out of 10 on the pain scale, so if I just keep going slowly, hopefully it’ll all work out.

Ended up doing 7.3km today in 55:50 (yeah I know – my 10K PR is faster than that). But this part of my training is all about building a solid aerobic base, so this run contributed nicely.

One of the things most beginning runners struggle with is running too hard. The slow steady runs build up your aerobic base. The speed work comes later when your lungs, muscles, tendons and form is strong. Building a solid fitness base is similar to building a house – the stronger the foundation, the better the structure above will perform.

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