So Much Time!

Well it’s the end of week 2 and it’s amazing how much productive time I now have!

My motivation levels are through the roof as is my degree of focus.

I have to say, this feeling is incredible!

I’ve been using brainwave entrainment to get my brain to do what it’s meant to do at the right time. So during my awake times I focus on Beta brainwaves. Then 10 minutes before a scheduled sleep I switch to delta waves.

The program I’ve been using for brainwave entrainment is Neuro Programmer 3.

I don’t use it all the time, only when I need it. Sometimes my brain forgets that I’m meant to be awake at a particular time and floods my brain with sleep hormones (I guess that’s what it is). Before, I was just trying to push through by whatever means necessary. That’s when I would watch some of my movies or tv shows.

I know it’s not as simple as just being tired. I know what tired feels like. When you’re tired, you’re tired. But what I’ve been experiencing was one moment I’d be full of energy and the next I’d just crash. It usually happened like clockwork half an hour before a scheduled sleep, particularly in the early morning when the circadian rhythm was lowest.

Sometimes I’d be fine right up to my scheduled sleep, then I’d go to sleep and wake up feeling exhausted. That’s not something that can be explained away by sleep deprivation.

I can honestly say that now I’m starting to adjust, there’s no feeling of sleep deprivation. My reaction times in sports are higher than ever, my concentration and focus are well above my normal levels and I’m really enjoying life.

Yesterday I launched my first product through SEO Perth. If you missed it, it’s on how to build your own website.

Today I launched another. It’s a service for doing SEO site reviews for people. I had already done my process for the site reviews, but in the last day I finished and polished the report template, designed the cover graphics, figured out the sales and delivery processes and implemented them.

I also sorted out the registration process for a workshop I’m speaking at, which also features Lesley Dewar and Peter Taliangis. The topic of the workshop is “How To Use Social Media To Increase Profits and Retain Clients” and I will be speaking about how to use your website as a hub for your online marketing. If you’re in Perth and interested, check it out at

It really amazes me how much time I have now. You should give this sleep challenge a go.


  1. MAN!! The messages I keep getting through the day of how much you’ve just achieved, or what product you’ve just finished creating are inspiring!! I need to get me some of this!!

    Excited to check out your new product 🙂

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