Fruits Of The Challenge Flowing Freely

One of the benefits of doing this challenge is that I have a lot more time to create.

The latest project I’ve been working on is an ebook called “Build Your Own Website“. It’s a 40 page step-by-step guide to building a website from scratch.

I’ve been planning this for a few weeks, but in the last 48 hours I just sat down and wrote. and wrote. took screen captures. and wrote some more.

I just launched the final product a few minutes ago. It’s available at SEO Perth.

It’s free, with email signup required. I could sell it, but I want to get it into as many people’s hands as possible.

This book is one of the key pieces in building SEO Perth up to be a market leader in online marketing.

Within 2 minutes after launching, 5 people had signed up for it. People I didn’t know, so it wasn’t like I got friends and family to sign up to pump up my numbers.

One of the biggest concerns I had going into this challenge was whether I would still have the ability to create with ease. I guess I proved to myself that it hasn’t affected my creative ability. In fact it may have enhanced it because I have so many more hours in the day.

Seriously, go and write a book about something you’re passionate about. It’s the best feeling to publish something you made!

2 thoughts on “Fruits Of The Challenge Flowing Freely”

  1. It’s fabulous!! Amazing work – and done so quickly – well done!!

    You’re right – publishing something you’ve spent hours and hours on is an incredible feeling – especially when you get positive feedback from people using the resource! 🙂

    1. You’d know all about publishing! When are we going to see the publicly available music theory books? Publishing privately is cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Helping the world 🙂

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