Creativity During The Challenge

One of the things I was concerned about going into this challenge was whether my creativity would suffer, as some of the detractors have suggested.

Happy to say that after last night, it’s no longer a concern 🙂

I was working on a particular project that had a tough assignment, creatively. I’d been putting it off for some weeks because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Last night I was able to just sit down and figure out how to do it, then get it done. Such a great feeling! Especially as it’s the first one of many that need doing. Doing it once makes me confident I can do it again, but beforehand it was pretty daunting.

Perhaps the stillness of the world at 3am stimulates creativity. No one’s going to email you or call you, there’s no sms’s coming through. Facebook is dead quiet. 3am is the perfect time to focus. Focus is the key to creativity.


  1. Fabulous!! It’s so good to wake up every morning and see you satisfied with having done so much good work!! Focus is so important – and 3am sounds like an awesome time for it 🙂

  2. I find 3am to be my most creative and productive time.. it’s like you have the world to yourself and you can do what you want.. I love it 🙂

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