Day 7: Major Slip Up

Things were just starting to get a little easier, when this morning happened…

I slept through my alarm 🙁

Though that alarm is really loud. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t press the button to start the timer.

Ok back up a bit…

So things were going along better, I was adjusting to the change in sleep patterns in an unexpected way (more about that in a bit) that was leaving me more alert. I had cleaned & mopped the kitchen, got a good chunk of work done, watched an episode of Chuck, etc.

I went to bed at 4am, as usual… and didn’t wake up til 8am!

It’s no good beating myself up over. I just have to get back on the proverbial horse.

The funny thing is that I feel terrible after a 4 hour sleep than I ever did after 20 minutes!

The change I noticed is a greater separation between alertness and drowsiness. Earlier in the Challenge, I would either be drowsy for the 3.7 hours or alert for the whole time.

Over the last day, I’ve noticed I’m fully alert for most of the time, but half an hour before a scheduled sleep (almost to the minute) I get a flood of drowsiness that’s hard to resist. It’s a real struggle getting through to that next scheduled sleep, but then the process repeats.

It’s an interesting development. Hopefully I get to the stage where by body realizes I don’t need the sleep chemicals until I’m actually going to sleep. That’d be handy.

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