Wow, today must be the day for negativity!

I’ve had nothing but support from people around me until today. 3 harsh comments from people who either don’t know me, or haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about.

Please go and do your research and actually have a clue before you start preaching about how dangerous sleep depravation is. I know it’s dangerous, so I take tons of precautions.

Those that know me should trust me. When have I ever gone into something without taking full precautions?

I’m not driving tired.

Unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, don’t even attempt to comprehend what it’s like. Don’t pretend you have a clue.

I’m not sleep deprived. That’s the goal of this whole exercise. From everything I’ve read, we only get 1.5 hours of actual proper sleep every night, even if we are “asleep” for 8 hours. I’m training my body to get that 1.5 hours sleep without wasting so much time.

How many people do you know that sleep a lot less than you? I’ll bet anything that unless you’re a complete recluse, you’ll know a few.

My brother “needs” 10 hours sleep per night (I’ve seen him if he doesn’t and I agree with him! lol). Does that mean that everyone who gets 8 hours a night is sleep deprived? Obviously no, but that’s how these people seem to think.

Believe it or not, but you can be “sleep deprived” if you “sleep” for 10 hours. Ever had a hangover?

I don’t have time for people bringing me down.

But I’ve tried to be rational with this process, listening to people’s thoughts. Bad idea.

The people that actually have the credentials and experience to know what they’re talking about have been cautiously supportive, but supportive nonetheless.

If you want to tear me down, cool. Take your best shot. But know that I am no longer listening (which you’ll see by the blocked friend request, deleted comment or unreturned phonecall).

If you don’t agree with what I’m doing, but you have something rational to say and you have actually done some research, then I want to hear from you.

That is all 🙂

*rant over*

lol I’ve always wanted to post that line *rant over* but I’ve never ranted on a blog before. Today must be a day of firsts.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive so far. It really means a lot for me.


  1. Paul Kaciuba says

    Show us what you ‘have read’. Post links, you got me curious 🙂

    Here is a direct quote from what I’ve read:

    Sleep and creativity: Less is more

    The answer to the question “to sleep or not to sleep polyphasically” will depend on your goals and your chosen criteria. You may want to sleep polyphasically if you want to maximize the frequency of a waking activity (e.g. monitoring the instruments and the horizon in solo yacht racing). Yet you will definitely not want to sleep polyphasically if:

    you want to maximize your creative output
    you want to maximize your peak alertness, your average alertness, or minimize the impact of your worst alertness levels
    you want to maximize the health effects of sleep, etc.

    • Interesting. Source?

      I think ppl like Leonardo Da Vinci (arguably the most creative person to have ever lived) who slept polyphasically mustn’t have been at their peak potential 🙂

      At the end of the day, as I keep saying, this is just training to sleep monophasically, but more efficiently.

      I’ll post some of my research soon.

    • I also read that article. It’s seemed it was against polyphasic sleep unless you needed to monitor something constantly, like in solo yachting. My thoughts are that the biggest challenge would definitely be fitting your new and unique sleep and life patterns around a society which is driven by a monophasic routine.

      • Spot on Simon. That’s a huge challenge in the long term. Everything in Australia revolves around monophasic sleep. Though polyphasic sleep is being promoted in corporate Japan to boost productivity. The Spanish are well known for their siestas, which is a biphasic routine. So monophasic sleep isn’t set in stone. Maybe concrete 🙂

  2. Agreed! A negative comment on this challenge is just like one of those random, anonymous negative comments on the You Tube videos – ie the childish “you suck” (insert other words…)

    If you know Mike – you’ll know he’s not someone to jump into something as dedicated as a 90-day challenge without thinking it through and doing the homework. I was speaking to someone today who works in the ‘sleep industry’ and she’s had the courtesy NOT to be negative as she knows Mike well enough to realise he’s not just being stupid. In fact – she’s INTERESTED to see how it goes!

    To all of you people worried about Mike driving tired – don’t! Whenever he seems a bit tired, I drive. In fact, I’ve often been more tired (despite being in bed for *gasp* 6-8hrs) and I still get behind the wheel. Do we now question the judgement of every person whose status update reads “feeling tired…?” What about mums who aren’t getting much sleep due to little ones…do we tell them we are concerned about their judgement?

    A challenge (especially one like this) is hard enough without the negativity. And seriously – at the end of the day -it’s just that – a 90DAY challenge – not ‘my life forever from now on…’

    Social media makes it so easy to say things we wouldn’t say to someone’s face – think before you post people.

    *rant over* lol 🙂

    Keep it up Mike – I know you can do it! xx

    • Thanks. I know I can always count on you 🙂

    • Jake Gunnink says

      Nice one Cat.

      I agree with you about the comments. Behind a keyboard and the face of anonymity, people are so darn rude! If you want to make a comment in my opinion, comment with your full name and make your individuality known. Then we’ll see what gets said!

  3. Paul Kaciuba says

    You guys are awesome.

    I’ve also come across a lot that people with polyphasic sleep patterns feel they get sick more, must be that the body works a lot during sleep to combat illness. So anyway, just a suggestion, get a healthy range of health supplemements, like echinacea and vitamin C etc etc and work them into your routine for the challenge because it will get uber difficult to get to day 90 if you get sick.

    Also, would be good to hear about your diet in the blog, more awake time means more calorie intake required and it’d be interesting to hear what you are eating at 3am.


    • Lol thanks Paul.

      I don’t get sick very often anyway. Probably because I have a healthy diet and take supplements (Multivitamin, Q10, Berocca and Glucosamine).

      Diet hasn’t really changed. I don’t generally eat very much. But good idea, it’s an important part of this challenge, so I’ll incorporate it. I think because I haven’t really changed my diet and my calorie requirements have gone up, my body fat percentage is going down nicely 🙂

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