Of all the things I thought could happen while doing this program, I didn’t expect to struggle with boredom!

There’s such a huge amount of time now available that it’s taking some time just getting used to that.

It’s the strangest thing. I’ve always had so much to do, keeping me occupied and feeling productive. I also have lots of books still to read, movies & tv series to watch, chess to play, business to plan (yes, that’s a form of relaxation for me), articles to write, industry news to read, lolcats to lol at, etc. It’s very rare for me to feel even close to bored!

I think it might be more related to how drowsy I’ve been. When you have a reduced cognitive function you generally can’t keep up with some of the more intellectual pursuits. So that takes out Awaken the Giant Within (by Anthony Robbins) that I’ve been reading. There’s no question of working during the most difficult times (though as you may have noticed it hasn’t stopped me blogging lol!).

There’s only so much of a tv series you can watch at any one time. I didn’t know it was possible to be bored watching Smallville or Chuck!

In the early hours of the morning, doing mundane housework or cooking is out of the question because I don’t want to wake Cat up. Going for a walk is also not feasible.

I know I have a greater need for downtime while doing this program or I’ll burn out.

I guess the problem isn’t the borderline boredom (like that one? hehe), it’s the temporary reduced mental capacity that reduces my more common ways of keeping occupied.

Hopefully that goes away after I adjust. I’m sure it will. If not, then this sleeping pattern is not feasible for me.


  1. LoL – feel free to do housework at any hour of the day/night!!

    So – now you know how us reduced-mental-capacity people feel!! 🙂

    Sounds like you need a new hobby – preferably one that doesn’t involve sharp objects…something arty? Maybe doing something with our holiday snaps? Or finding awesome recipes for us to experiment with? Going for a walk with your totally awesome astrology app? Playing the keyboard with the headphones on? Counting the ants in the kitchen? LoL.

    Good luck!!

    (Love the borderline boredom!)

    • Thanks! I forgot about our photos. That’s a great idea and fits perfectly the sort of thing I need.

      I was worried that steam mop would wake you up last night. It’s crazy how noisy things are in the dead of the night.

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