Day 1 Reflections

I’ve completed the first 24 hours on this mission.

The first night wasn’t too hard. I’ve stayed up all night before, so this wasn’t anything new.

There’s a definite decrease in my concentration, I feel quite dissociated, co-ordination is down. Irratability is up a little, but not as much as I expected (which is good). Peripheral vision is slightly down.

It’s strange to think of all the possibilities I have in front of me. For example, I read Matthew Hayden’s Autobiography “Standing My Ground” last night. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while.

I noticed that in my last few sleep periods I went into a state of total relaxation fairly quickly. Then there is a block of nothingness (but I don’t remember going to sleep) and a feeling of rapidly increasing alertness as if a switch had been flipped to turn me back on. The last two times, I felt the alertness and was fully awake just before my alarm went off. Was a really weird sensation, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.


  1. Irritability? Where are you hiding it?

    Nice work day one! 🙂

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