Day 6 – Wow That Went Quickly

It’s hard to believe I’m already up to Day 6! Granted parts have been a bit of a blur, but it’s probably got more to do with my changing perception of time.

You don’t realize how much sleeping at night represents a finishing of one day and the start of a new one… until you are outside the system.

I’m not sure yet whether that’s a good thing or not. I think there’s a lot of value in having a definite end to a day followed by the ever-renewing hope of “tomorrow’s another day”.

I guess after living this lifestyle for awhile, one would develop routines that would do the same.

Today has been a pretty good day. I think a few things went into that:

  • I’ve cut out coffee, except for when I’m at a cafe.
  • I’m not looking at a computer screen, iphone screen or tv for the half hour before each sleep.
  • I meditated this morning once for 30 minutes when I was super tired and holding out going to sleep until the scheduled time.
  • My two early morning scheduled sleeps were closer together (4am and 6:30am).

I’m reasonably confident I was conscious throughout my meditation session. The relaxation and slowing down of brain function did a lot to overcome drowsiness and I had no problems sleeping during both my early morning scheduled sleeps.

I moved my 8am sleep forwards by 1.5 hours because I was meeting a friend over breakfast at 7:30. After what happened on Day 2, I knew I couldn’t move the 4am session. This seemed to work really well for me today. I was a little lethargic, but much less than usual in the mornings.

I’ve replaced drinking coffee with drinking tea, so it’s not much of an adjustment for me.

Cutting down on coffee and not being in front of a screen is to help me go straight to sleep each time. Everyone who’s done this before has said coffee is fine when you are adjusted, but not during the first 2 weeks. It also seems to have the added benefit that my eyes are barely sore! Stinging eyes has been one of the big hurdles: they sting, so I close my eyes, but I’ve been so tired I start to drift off… you can see how that might be problematic 🙂


  1. Interesting! So will the two sleeps closer together become the norm? And coffee being related to stinging eyes – now that you mention it, I haven’t really noticed it either since giving that up – nice find!

    I’m most interested in finding out what you come up with to solve the ‘end of this day, tomorrow’s a new day’ dilemma. Being a hugely goal-oriented person, I count on the idea that each new day is a brand new start with no mistakes (yet…lol!) Would doing this for every 4hr day just make it less meaningful or be too much mental energy? Or would it work? Or grouping the 4hr days into 2 or 3 blocks – eg when you find out the most productive block, taking that as the ‘start’ of your new day?


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