Run Challenge Day 57

Another good run today. Didn’t quite hit 4.5 km, which broke a mini streak of 3 days, but I got 4.4 km, which I’m still very happy with.

Ran 4.4 km in the 30 minutes at average pace of 6:49 mins/km, average heart rate of 150 bpm (yep I could have run faster early and perhaps gotten the 4.5 km).

Afterwards, I set myself to run 2 km home at my goal marathon pace of 5:40 mins/km. Ended up doing the first km in 5:10 and the second in 5:32. There was fairly steep hill for about 50 metres at around the half way point of the second km. I ran up it hard, but had to slow afterwards, given my heart rate was sitting in the mid 180s. I was sorely tempted to call it a day at that point, but realised that it was the perfect time to increase my ability to deal with the pain of running fast, so pressed on. Glad I did, as I know the gains over the next few days from this will be worth it.

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