Run Challenge Day 56

Well I was right yesterday, today WAS tough. Easily the toughest workout of this challenge, not including any extra workouts.

But on the bright side, I again passed 4.5 km, making that 3 days in a row! Feeling pretty great about my progress in this 90 Day Challenge.

I ran 4.53 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 6:37 mins/km, average heart rate of 150 bpm.

I was feeling so sore at the start that it took til 1.3 km in before my heart rate monitor alarm went off. But I was still running low 6 minute km pace, so I wasn’t too concerned. My heart rate monitor usually goes off about 3 minutes into the run, but it was about 8 minutes in today.

The “pain” was kind of how I imagine an old gnarly oak tree would creak if it was forced to move. Not so much pain as just tired from the extra workouts. I won’t be doing any extra workouts til I feel up to it again, probably in the next few days.

Thus completes week 8 of this run challenge. It was a big break out week for me. Check out the chart below:

run challenge week 8

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