Run Challenge Day 12

Today was stranger than normal. After the first kilometre, I could only run for about 50 metres (sometimes 20!) before my heart rate monitor went off and I had to drop back to a walk. I ended up walking hard most of the way, interspersed with running when my heart rate got back to 151 bpm. The reason for that is it takes time to start climbing again, usually dropping to 147 if I start running at 151.

Average heart rate was at 152, same as yesterday, which is really annoying. I was going so well until literally the last minute. I didn’t hear the heart rate monitor go off (lots of traffic) and when I looked down it was at 160 bpm! Took about 45 seconds to drop, but it was enough to screw up my average.

Stats for today are 3.87 km in the thirty minutes, at average pace of 7:46 mins/km, average heart rate of 152 bpm.

Not too shabby, but I didn’t hit the 4 km mark like I was hoping.

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