Oh So Close

Missed hitting 4 km today by twenty freakin metres! 🙁

I ended up doing 3.98 km in 30 minutes at an average pace of 7:33 mins/km average heart rate of 152 bpm.

Yes I know it’s 152 bpm and I’m meant to be under 152 bpm. The problems only came after I hit 3 km. I couldn’t find a consistent pace after the 3km mark for some reason. I couldn’t keep my heart rate at 151 when walking (not surprising – I’ve only ever been able to do that if I’m going uphill) and the slowest “jog” I could do shot my heart rate up to 157ish almost straight away. It was quite strange.

Definitely getting fitter, though. I ran on the sidewalk today, which seems to help my speed. There were still hills.

First km was 6:31 which is beyond awesome. At the height of my marathon training, to do a 6:30 km sent my heart rate to 175 bpm, so to do it while staying below 152 bpm is an amazing feeling.

As for an average pace of 7:33 mins/km, that’s just off (7:25) the pace I ran the first half of my marathon, but for that my heart rate was around 165 for the first 5 km. This challenge is definitely paying off already and it’s only day 10!

The first 3 km were all below 8 minute pace, which is the first time that’s happened. Even the last 980 metres was at 8:02 pace.

Hopefully I can hit 4 km tomorrow.

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