Phase 2 Begins

Today is day 31 of the 90 Day Run Challenge. I’ve decided to start to change things up after my runs from now on. I committed to running just the 30 minutes for the first 30 days, but I don’t want to plateau, so it’s time to switch things up again.

For clarity, I will still run (and track) 30 minutes a day, keeping my heart rate below 152 bpm. That hasn’t changed. Just that after some (not all) of my runs I’ll do some extra training between the 30 minute run and the cool down.

Maybe a run for a further period of time (today I did an extra 15 minutes), sometimes hill sprints, sometimes strides or fartleks.

It won’t be for every day and will depend entirely how I’m feeling that day.

Should be interesting to see how it impacts my 30 minute runs. I’m predicting an increase in speed at the same heart rate.

Today’s 30 minute run was almost entirely on hills. I had a net elevation gain of 12 metres, which impacts the distance, but I seem to do well on hills: the speed I gain going downhill seems to be greater than the speed I lose by going uphill.

Completed 4.16 km in 30 minutes at an average heart rate of 150 bpm, average pace of 7:12 mins/km.

Followed that up with a 15 minute run of 1.98 km at an average heart rate of 152 bpm, average pace of 7:40 mins/km.

Good workout 🙂

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