Hills As Far As The Eye Can See

Today was day 43 of the run challenge and as you may have guessed from the title, I pretty much did the whole run on hills, both up and down. There was very little flat running.

I could still feel yesterday’s 1 km @ 4:58. Nothing like serious doms, just enough to let me know I’ve been working out. But I think it, combined with the hills, affected my recovery speed during the run. My heart rate usually comes down quicker after dropping to a walk than it did today. Might just do the 30 minute runs for the next few days to give myself time to recover.

That said, I ran 2 km after my 30 minute run at 6:35 km/min pace. The whole first km was up a 10% hill, so I’m pretty happy with that. I was going for 7 minute pace, but my legs seemed to want to go faster, so it just kinda happened lol. Though it pushed my average heart rat for that portion to 171 bpm, maxing out at 180 bpm (probably when I was dodging cars across a road).

My main run today was 4.08 km in the 30 minutes at average pace of 7:22 mins/km, average heart rate of 151 bpm.

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