Week 2 Finished

I was surprised at how slowly I was running, but hey, it’s been one of the most disruptive fortnights of my life.

I was only going to do the 6km today, but calculated I’d be 4km short of my weekly target. Rather than carry it over, I sucked it up and made up the shortfall today so I can close the book on this crappy week and start a fresh week tomorrow.

Ran 10km in 1:12:57, so pretty slow. My fastest 10K is 55:25, so… yeah.

I really wasn’t trying to run any particular speed. It was good to just get out in the cool summer evening air and just clock off km after km. That’s what I enjoy about running – the peacefulness when you get into the zone.

So that takes me to 80 km for the first two weeks. Right on track for the marathon challenge.

It’s going to be a bit of a scorcher leading up to Christmas, so I’ll be doing a lot of night running. May even switch to morning runs if it gets too bad in the evening.

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