Marathon Challenge Day 12

Lost yesterday to a migraine, but couldn’t rest because we found out in the evening that the ceiling was being replaced first thing in the morning, so shifted furniture all night.

Had a day of displacement filled with choking ceiling dust and random power outages (not ideal when I’m an internet worker). So took it extra easy on the run coz I didn’t know how much gunk was in my lungs.

Finished the first 6km in 39-something without stopping and still feeling fresh, so went for another lap. Reckon if I had long distance running gear on I would’ve done a half marathon tonight, that’s how amazing I felt.

Longest non-stop (except traffic) run since Feb this year.

Equilibrium is restored in my soul.

Haven’t posted for a few days. Been really busy unhacking my sites (damn defacing scumbags). I skipped Sunday (because I was 6km ahead of schedule), ran Monday & Tuesday. Yesterday I missed because of said migraine. So I’m currently 2km ahead of schedule.

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