Marathon Specific Training Starts

So I’ve gotten through the base building section of my training plan. Last week I finished off a 50km week with a late (9:30pm) 6km run. Feeling pretty fit, despite not quite reaching my goal of a couple of 60km+ weeks. However, I’m in good shape to take on the marathon specific workouts of intervals, tempos and long runs that start tomorrow.

Eating is a bit tricky, because while I want to lose some weight to make running easier, I seem to be hungry all the time. It’s just a case of eating high nutrient foods most of the time and leaving the weight to take care of itself. I know when I start training in the higher km weekly range, the weight just falls off, so I’m not too concerned.

Today’s run was a relaxed 6km in 39:18 @ 6:33 mins/km.

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