16km Running By Feel

We’ve had a lot of rain (most in 9 years) so perhaps that’s why my Garmin was so screwy today.

I had to turn it to time only when it showed (I was running an even pace) 10:14, 4:32, 2:04, 2:38, 2:15 etc. Um, what? I wish I could run that fast! I worked out I would’ve run a 13:15 5K, which let’s just say would be a significant improvement over my current 5K PR lol!

When I got back I measured the course. Turns out I had run 16km, give or take 20m. Ok, so I’ve run it before and knew the distance lol, but I was surprised how close I got. Ended up doing 16km in 1:48:24 @ 6:46 mins/km. So even by feel on a longer run I managed to keep pace. Pretty happy with that.

This takes me to 44km for the week with 2 days left to go. My current 12 month weekly record is 55km, so it’s going to be tempting to do an easy 6km on Saturday & Sunday to beat that. We’ll see how I pull up from this one. Don’t want to risk injury over it.

I also realised I’m now 20km away from 2,500 km lifetime, so next week is going to be a bit of a celebration.

Funny thing is even though it’s 9th May, I’ve already beaten April’s kms.

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