First Interval Session In Ages I forgot how much intervals make you hurt all over afterwards (and burn during)!

Ran 12 x 400m intervals at 126 seconds (5:15 mins/km pace – hey that’s very fast for me!) with jog recovery.

Very happy with how I did. The interval times were:

  1. 122
  2. 121
  3. 120
  4. 118
  5. 129
  6. 128
  7. 128
  8. 124
  9. 128
  10. 128
  11. 129
  12. 129

Now because I did them by Garmin, rather than on a track with a timer, the times are likely out by a bit. I dropped the pace on the 5th because I realised I was running them too fast for what I was trying to achieve, which is running close to my VO2Max, which is around 5:15 pace.

I’m glad I read the instructions in Hanson’s handbook because they said if you can’t jog the recoveries, you’re running the intervals too fast. Rather than keep the pace up and walk the recoveries, I dropped the pace. They also said it’s ok to drop down because the benefits come from anything over 80% of your VO2Max, so I know today was a good workout.

Man I’m feeling it now! All up, and including the warm up and cool down kms, I ended up with 13km today.

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