Progressing With Marathon Training

With my first week of marathon specific training in the books, this is starting to get real. I’m finding, even after only one week, that faster paces are easier and I’m having a harder time keeping slow enough for my base pace.

Because my garmin strap is broken and the new one is still on its way, I’ve been running with runkeeper on my phone. That means I can’t check pace very often and I don’t have any automatic cues like the km beep on my garmin. As a result I’ve been doing most of my runs completely by feel. It’s not too bad, but I’ll be glad when the strap comes through (hopefully in time for tomorrow’s intervals!).

On Sunday I had to be out of the house with Jamie for the day, had some time to kill, so we drove over the City 2 Surf Marathon course from start to finish. I’ve run it before, but it was great to have a refresher. I didn’t realise just how flat the first half is, nor how hilly the second half is!

Found that with some small changes to my running route I can hit hills very similar to those I’ll face on the course. I’m now incorporating a lot more hill work into my regular runs. Both up and down are important to get used to what will be on the course.

Today’s easy 6km was in 37:57 @ 6:19 mins/km.

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