Run Before It Pours!

Managed to squeeze in today’s run before the rain started. Ok it started when I walked out the door, but then the weather was like “oh you’re running here. No worries, we’re cool, I’ll just hold off an hour for you mmkay?”

As I type this it’s hard to hear myself think with the din of the rain on a tin roof (I’m in a newer part of the house). I’d be a drowned rat if I were out there now. I probably would’ve also packed it in at 6km rather than doing the 8km in 52:42 @ 6:35 mins/km that I did today.

My wife Cat is tossing up whether to join me in the City2Surf Marathon in August, so if you feel like putting some peer pressure on her, fire away 🙂 She’s trying to run about whatever I’m doing every day, so she’s on track.

Have a great day and if it’s raining where you are, stay safe & dry (unless you’re running, in which case just stay safe lol)

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