The Faulty Doorbell

My normal routine for going to sleep is to turn my iphone to Airplane Mode, get into bed, set the alarm, check the phone is in loud mode, then go to sleep. Sometimes however, things happen outside your control.

Just now I was woken up 2 minutes before the end of my 4pm scheduled sleep by our doorbell. There was no-one there. It’s impossible to ding-dong-ditch our house without being caught, so I knew it wasn’t that. Ok, it is possible, but it involves diving head first into a cactus, so I doubt that would ever happen 🙂

The doorbell sometimes goes off for no apparent reason. There must be interference from somewhere causing it to go off. Was a strange alarm, but once you’re up, you’re up. I don’t really mind. I’m just glad there was only 2 minutes to go. If there were 10 minutes left I would not be happy!

On the 90 day challenge front, I’m nearing the end and can see myself keeping this up, or at least a form of it, for the foreseeable future. It’s perfect for my lifestyle and gives me enough flexibility to be worthwhile. As I’ve said before, it opens up the possibility of actually attending webinars in American time, which often occurs several times a week. I love that I can do my regular amount of work and still have plenty of time to spend with other people or reading without feeling guilty for “wasting” my time.

I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough in understanding how to go to sleep quickly, which I’ll post probably tomorrow. It’s stuff that once you hear it it makes sense, but it’s made the world of difference to me.

The only part that I’m yet to nail to my satisfaction is the 4am sleep. I go to sleep no worries, but it’s really tough to get out of bed at 4:20 am when it’s nice and warm and my wife is sleepily begging me to stay just a little longer. I’ve got to get out of the habit of re-setting my alarm for another 20 minutes, because when I do that I almost always manage to sleep through it. Any early-riser-readers have tips on how you combat that?

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