Sleep Challenge Complete

So today marks the final day of my sleep challenge. Wow, what a ride.

Looking back over my log, I stuck to it with around 90% efficiency, which is pretty decent given what I was doing.

A few things interrupted the challenge, particularly driving 6 hours to & from Kalbarri and spraining my ankle. Both needed a lot more sleep time than I anticipated. People asked whether the sprained ankle was due to sleep deprivation, but anyone who knows me knows I get injured a lot – I play soccer pretty hard for someone my size (195cm, 105kg) and injuries go with the game.

Glad I did this challenge. Equally glad I’ve finished.

I learned a lot about myself and sleeping which I’ll share in another post.

Not sure what my next challenge will be, but it will probably be something fitness or writing related.

Thanks for coming along for the journey. Hopefully you learned a thing or two with me.

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