Day 2: Watch Out For The Wall

Wow I hit a massive wall last night!

I was planning on going to 8am mass, but Cat wanted to go early to do the music. I figured my regular 8am sleep would either have to happen 1.5 hours before/after scheduled time.

After my experience last night, I had the bright (not!) idea to shift my 4am sleep to 3am and the 8am to 6:30am.

Big mistake.

I had difficulty going to sleep at 3, which threw me out for the next one. I’m not sure if it was the earlier time or the fact I tried sleeping on the couch to disturb Cat less.

Whatever it was, that lack of sleep at 3am threw me out big time.

I was seriously drowsy at 6am but forced myself to stay awake til 6:20. Couldn’t delay it any longer.

So I crashed majorly at 6:20. Also on the couch, which in retrospect was probably a mistake.

Woke up at 6:40, stuggled vainly for about 5 minutes to wake up. Was so wrecked I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so felt I had no choice but to set the timer again and sleep for 20 minutes more. Again on the couch.

Well I was even WORSE after the second sleep!

Cat had wanted to be woken up at 7, so I woke her up, barely able to stay conscious myself.

Cat saw the state I was in and suggested I have my 8am sleep then (little did she know I’d already had it twice).

So I set my timer, climbed into bed and woke up 20 mins later feeling at least marginally human.

On the way to mass I felt violently ill and it was all I could do to not throw up. Is it even possible to throw up from being overtired?

What a night. I think the couch is out of the question from now on. I’ll just have to be extra careful to not disturb Cat at night and just go to bed for my sleeps.

As I write this, it’s 9 am and I’m holding off the drowsiness with a double-shot flat white from Dome 🙂


  1. I’m still impressed that you’re functioning so well – keep it up – I want to hear day three! 🙂

  2. Clare Rea says

    Hi Mike
    You will discover (very quickly) that sleep comes in waves, hence your struggle to sleep at 3am. There are regular times that are common to many and then also your own unique waves of sleep. If you can have the freedom to “catch” these sleep waves you will find it much easier to fall asleep at these times. Of course due to my profession I am at least a little concerned about this challenge but I trust your character in terms of your making responsible decisions regarding it… Bless

    • Mike Haydon says

      Hey thanks Clare. Always good to have a professional weigh in. I didn’t talk to you about it before I started simply because I knew you were the one person (other than Cat, obviously) who could persuade me to not go through with this. Thanks for not pulling me to pieces on this one 🙂

      I structured it as a 90 day challenge because it gives me an “out” or potential to reassess at the end of the time while still knowing I accomplished something amazing. There’s still such a long way to go, but I’m learning lots about myself in the process. Would be interested in sitting down and having a chat with you about this after week two.

      • Clare Rea says

        Would love to do that Mike – is really fascinating and as I said you would be one of the very few people I think is switched on enough to give this a try without being completely dumb about it.

  3. This is pretty weird. Mike–I’m a NYer, an advertising & marketing writer, and on the side a songwriter. I just sent you a link at twitter to “my myspace space”. One of my new tunes is MAN FROM NEW SOUTH WALES: about an American woman who has a summer romance with a guy from Australia, and when he has to return home….she’s having a hard time coping. Your name appeared when I was doing different twitter searches involving Australia. Only after I replied to one of your tweets did I realize that you have this blog. So, your initials and mine are MH and also weird is the fact that MY wife is a piano player, an elementary school music teacher AND she is in the choral group at our local RC church as well. Funnier still (but not LOL funny…) is the fact that her name is Clare…..and here I am looking at this page and reading a dialogue featuring you, your wife Cat (and my wife is allergic to cats, so that part doesn’t fit) and your friend Clare R. And, by the way, I like the idea of your 90 day challenges. I need to set up a few for myself!! Good luck to you in all you do.

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