Run Challenge Day 78

Well today’s run was full of drama. The heart rate monitor refused to work properly, resulting in 4 false starts. Still have doms in my glutes from the lunge workout yesterday. Then got attacked by a willy wagtail, which was cute more than anything else because it’s about the size of my hand. Finally, in the last kilometre, a guy in the passenger seat of a car obviously needed to prove how tough he was, so he leant out and called me a faggot. I know I’ve lost weight recently, but I hardly resemble a bundle of sticks, or a bassoon (“fagotti“), so not sure what he was on about. But I gave him a wave as thanks for the compliment. Lol.

I have come to understand that if blokes yell obscenities at you when you’re running, it’s just because they’re jealous you’re out doing something they don’t have the courage to do. Sux to be them, I guess.

Anyway. Ended up running without the heart rate monitor and running by feel. It’s pretty difficult to do that when it’s as hot as it was today, so I ran at a comfortable 4:4 breathing pattern, which correlates to about the right heart rate. Though I think today I was a bit over, judging by the pace.

I ran 4.59 km in the thirty minutes at an average pace of 6:33 mins/km.

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