Run Challenge Day 6

I didn’t have time for much of a warm up and my cool down was a game of soccer, but I got my 30 minutes aerobic run done.

Again hit the exact same distance as the last two days, except today I ran a completely different course. It started on a hill, then the rest was flat.

3.49km done in 30 minutes at an average pace of 8:36 minutes per km and heart rate of 146 bpm.

I noticed without the warmup it took a lot longer for my heart to rise. A lot slower than I expected, but rather than push it up quickly I let it rise. The main thing for this challenge is that I get to 135 quickly, which happens pretty much as soon as I start jogging.

As a point of interest I ended up running 5 km in the soccer game in 50 minutes (we stop when it gets too dark) and scored a couple of goals 🙂

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