Run Challenge Day 46

Heart rate monitor messed up again today. After 3 false starts I gave up when it said my heart rate was 174 bpm when standing still and breathing perfectly relaxed (would have been 120 tops).

Ended up running by pace today. Set it at 7:00 mins/km because I was pushing Jamie and that was how fast I went last time I pushed him on that route.

Ended up doing 4.3 km in the 30 minutes at average pace of 6:58 mins/km. This is now my second best time in the challenge, but it doesn’t really count because I don’t know what my heart rate was.

Followed it up with 2 km in 12:47 at average pace of 6:23 mins/km. I was aiming to stay around 6:30 mins/km for the last two km. Had to hold myself back from going too fast, which is a new feeling for me, but I was pushing Jamie in the pram, so didn’t want to push the pace too much.

The reason I didn’t run at aerobic pace by feel is because I’ve found it impossible to feel the right pace when pushing the pram. So went for the next closest set of numbers. I reckon my heart rate would have been about right, but have no way of knowing for sure.

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