Run Challenge Day 3

Ran for 3.38 km today in the 30 minutes. Average pace of 8:52 minutes per km.

It was very strange today; my heart rate fluctuated a lot more than normal. It took longer to respond to starting jogging or dropping to a walk. At one point I was at strolling speed and watching my heart rate rise to 160 bpm! Then another time I had started jogging and watched it continue to drop from 148 to 135. Really strange. It meant I ended up covering less distance as I tried to counteract the pendulum heart rate.

I know it wasn’t the heart rate monitor: I’ve done plenty of aerobic training at this heart rate, so I know what 151-ish feels like. I almost don’t need a heart rate monitor any more.

I think it was a combination of three things: heat (25 degrees C), not having eaten yet and having two coffees on an empty stomach. The coffees were several hours before I ran, but they must have affected the result. The biggest contributor though is likely the not eating before running. Yesterday was hotter and I’d had more coffee, but it wasn’t on an empty stomach.

Something to keep an eye out for.

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