Run Challenge Day 2

Day 2 complete. It was quite warm today (28 C when I ran), which affected my pace.

Ran 3.42 km in the 30 minutes, with an average heart rate of 150 bpm. Pretty happy that I only dropped 40 metres given the heat and I’d had a big breakfast an hour or two before.

Average pace of 8:46 minutes per km is acceptable at this stage.

It’s funny that the highest heart rate came while walking uphill. I was pushing it, but still. Walking. C’mon.

One of the main ideas behind doing a challenge like this is to train my body to use a higher percentage of fat for fuel, rather than glycogen (sugar). Burning fat will obviously help my body fat levels, but will be even more important for running marathons in the future. A lot of runners are fueled by carbs, hence they carb load before a big race. That’s what I did before my marathon 2 weeks ago. But everything I’m reading suggests it’s possible to get faster at your aerobic heart rate, leading to better fitness and overall health as well as a better “career” as a long distance runner.

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