Run Challenge Day 20

The blisters I picked up on Tuesday’s barefoot run have settled down a lot. Thanks to the precautions I took yesterday, the roofs of the blisters have not come off, but they’re drained. There were three about the size of a 50 cent coin. In today’s run I barely noticed them. And only noticed them a couple of times during the soccer game when I tried to do a sharp turn.

My heart rate monitor was all screwy today. I think because it was freezing cold with a stiff wind. Like all heart rate monitors, it needs some moisture (eg sweat) to best pick up the electrical pulses of the heart. It was so cold and windy today that I didn’t sweat. If I were running by feel I would have said I was too slow today, but I decided at the start of this challenge to follow the heart rate monitor, even if I thought it was high.

So I ended up doing 3.91 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 7:40 minutes per km, average heart rate recorded at 151 bpm.

Oh and I ended up winning the soccer game with one of the best goals I’ve ever scored, so that was cool 🙂

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