Great Run Today

I had a really great run today. Comparatively, of course. Was tempted to keep going over the 30 minutes, but decided I’ll stick to no more than 30 minutes for the first 30 days and reassess then.

Starting off I ran a 7:04 minute km (which I’ve never come close to at this heart rate), followed by a 7:56 minute km.

Overall I did 3.71 km in today’s 30 minute run challenge, an average pace of 8:05 minutes per km at an average heart rate of 150 bpm.

My previous best distance was 3.49 km, so it was a huge gain today for me.

I lost some pace towards the end when it felt like I was overheating. Maybe will try running in a singlet in future. I had to walk once after hurrying over a road, which led to a hill. Heart rate boosted to 160 bpm, but came down quickly after I started walking.

Hopefully this trend continues.

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