4.5 Km Passed

First time I’ve gone over 4.5 km. Pretty happy. All the extra sprint training and sustained speed running is paying off in spades.

Ran 4.5 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 6:36 mins/km, average heart rate of 151 bpm.

Managed to get that heart rate even though I got attacked by magpies and took off at a pretty quick rate during that. It sent my heart rate to 166 bpm, but after I was out of danger, walking got it down pretty quickly. Hate magpies.

Today’s run put me a mere 6 seconds per km away from my goal of 6:30 min/km for this challenge! And I’ve still got 36 days to go 😀

After the run I did 3 x 80 metre hill sprints up Huntriss Road hill, walking down the hill as my rest in between.

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