Calling It Quits

I’ve posted every day til today, 26th January. That’s 25 posts in 25 days.

But I’ve decided to call it quits.

Unfortunately, the writing is causing my business to suffer. Not just that, but I’m really struggling to find things to write about that don’t take all day.

It usually takes me an hour or so to do a post, from coming up with the idea to hitting publish. Another 15 minutes to promote it across the web.

The thing is, it weighs on me all day til I’ve done it, it takes away from time I’d normally spend doing work for clients and takes creative juice away from things that actually bring in the $. Particularly given my wife is having a baby in 5 weeks time!

All excuses aside: I’ve had enough, so I’m pulling up stumps. Sorry for letting you all down 🙁

It’s been tough the whole time, but I’ve written a lot of things I’m proud of. Most of the posts were about 700 words long. Yesterday’s post I wasn’t proud of and it was only 300 words (with a video). It was ok, but it wasn’t my best work. That’s not something I want to do. If I’m unable to do my best work, I’d prefer to shut down the project, despite the credibility loss here.

Of course it doesn’t help that it’s been 40 degrees Celsius here every day this week and for a few more. High 20s over night. We don’t have airconditioning, so sleep is a pipe dream. It’s like I’m trying to do the sleep challenge and the writing challenge at the same time 🙂

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