Happy Easter

So I managed to get through Easter largely unscathed. I allowed myself a little more sleep than I would otherwise, because I had to do a lot of singing for different services and it’s not worth injuring yourself by straining caused by being too tired.

Wow that last sentence broke a dozen or more rules of English grammar. Moving on. lol

With so many church services and family gatherings over the last few days, I had a hard time getting each of my sleeps, so I did the best I could and worked around it. I was more on an Everyman sleep schedule than an Uberman. At least I didn’t regress to monophasic sleep.

I’m going to work extra hard at having a perfect record for this coming week. From all my reading, a perfect record is the fastest way to get back on top.

What do I mean by a perfect record? Not missing a sleep, not having extra sleeps, and taking each sleep on time. I’ll allow a half hour leeway either side of the scheduled time.

It’s a pretty exciting way of living. I’m able to keep writing, running my teams and doing the work I love, while still spending time with friends and family and getting all the reading I could want done. I’ve got time to learn languages (I’m tackling Polish at the moment because Cat’s family is Polish). I even have time to watch sport without feeling guilty.

I’m planning on going to the dawn service in an hour or two for Anzac Day. In previous years this has been a real struggle and I’ve missed it a couple of times due to sleeping through my alarm. But this year it’ll be a lot easier due to this sleep challenge. Should be good.

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  1. As I write, you’re keeping to your word – I watched your 4am sleep and saw how you valiantly stayed awake during your tricky 4-8am period (well, I saw the first part of it – after that I know you left and I may or may not have indulged in the sleep you weren’t having…lol) – and now you’re almost done with your 8am sleep. I love hearing your alarm, and then hearing your roll and jump out of bed, knowing that you’ll be full of productive, positive energy when you get up.

    So proud of you and what this challenge is doing to your life and to you as a person!!


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