Day Who Knows? They’re All The Same

Ok, so I’m totally out of it right now, but that’s not going to stop me writing.

I’ve read some criticisms of polyphasic experiments that people only write when they’re feeling great. This is pretty much as low as it gets for me. 5am. The hour of drowse. It’s still an hour before my wife gets up and I’ve been working through the night, bar naps. But I’m up now, which is great. Feeling pretty relaxed & refreshed, just drowsy.

Got some quality work done this night just gone. Broke through a procrastination barrier in a big way. I had been butting my head against that wall for a couple months now. Yeah, it was one of those ones. Very pleased how I got through it. Funnily enough, I just followed my own advice and Took The First Step. I was able to keep going and it was almost like a dam burst.

The last time I overslept was 5am on Monday morning (the calendar says it’s Wednesday today). I know I have to be so careful not to oversleep or this adjustment period will go for longer than it should. It already has.

Lol I’m half playing this up obviously 🙂 I did a psychomotor vigilance test and I’m only slightly off the pace. Ok, so it was the worst score I’ve had since I started testing, but in the circumstances, an average reaction time of 307 milliseconds isn’t too bad.

I bought puredoxyk’s book on polyphasic sleep yesterday. She was the one to coin the terms “uberman” and “everyman”. She was also the first publicly documented person to go through this sleep challenge successfully back in 1999. She ended up doing it for 6 months before a change in schedule forced her to stop. In the last 18 months she’s been almost continuously on everyman, even with a fulltime job, a husband and a child. Basically, she’s one of my role models through this.

I’ve only read a bit into her book, but it’s shaping up to be a treasure trove that I wish I’d read 20 something days ago when I started this challenge. It would have made transitioning SO much easier. If you’re considering sleeping polyphasically, go shell out the $7 to get her ebook. It’s well worth it.

I can’t give you the exact link right now because she’s taken her site down for maintenance (upon my suggestion funnily enough) to fix a recurring problem. Her site is and if I remember I’ll come back and give you the direct link. Her book is called Ubersleep.

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