Day 19: Yoga Experiment

I find the hardest time sleepwise of the day is 4:20am to 8am. The days that I slip up are almost always in that time slot. Something to think about for the long term future of my sleep patterns after this 90 day challenge is over.

The period 12:20am to 4am is often also difficult, but for another reason: that’s when my motivation seems to be at its lowest point. Sometimes I’ll have a brilliant session where I’ll get a day’s work done in that 3.6 hours, but it’s often a struggle to just get through to 4am. I normally just read or watch tv shows (not tv on tv – do you know how awful tv is at that hour?!).

I can’t make much noise, because that’s when Cat sleeps. She’s sort of doing a modified version of the sleep challenge for a week or two. Basically, we go to bed together at 12am then she stays there when I get up at 12:20. I then go to bed at 4 am and she gets up with me at 4:20.

It means I have to be extra careful not to wake her during that time.

That takes exercising out of the question. Or so I thought…

I had a yoga iphone app recommended to me yesterday, so I figured I’d try it out in the graveyard shift. Turns out I can be very quiet while doing yoga. I’ve never done it before, but I felt pretty good afterwards. Had a light sweat going, etc.

The session went for like 40 minutes and I spent the rest of that awake session working.

Though when 4am came around I couldn’t get to sleep, so I reset my alarm for another 20 minutes and tried again. Much better, but that threw out my body clock, so I ended up sleeping from around 4:30 am to 7am, when I had a conference call with my mastermind group (yes Toni, that’s why I was 5 minutes late!).

I need to test whether the inability to sleep at 4am was due to the yoga (which I had started at 1am) or something else. If it wasn’t caused by the yoga, I think I’ll be doing it every day during that time. It seems to be pretty good for the body, circulation and all that.


  1. Awesome idea – so good for your core strength! Maybe staying awake was due to the 9:30pm coffee? 🙂

  2. Oh…could it have been the BadaBing day where you got heaps of articles written?

    • Ah of course! That was it. Thanks! Zero coffee for a week, then 4 in one afternoon. Not the smartest move, but totally worth it for the things I got done!

  3. Sometimes the repercussions are worth it – looks it was this time! Can’t wait to see the articles you wrote that afternoon! 🙂

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