A Small Change Makes A Huge Difference

Day 23 – into week 4 already! How time flies when you’re having fun!

So today I tried a different approach. I was doing yoga after my 12am sleep, but was crashing at my 4am sleep. I had hoped it would help improve circulation and awakeness. It did temporarily, but the crash each day was pretty bad. It was tiredness, as opposed to drowsiness (there’s a difference).

Today I did my yoga workout after my 4am sleep and I had a warm shower straight afterwards. Man, the difference that has made so far is incredible. Granted it’s only 11am and early days, but wow I feel alive right now!

Based on my previous experience, I should be crashing right now, but I’m feeling pretty great.

Woke Cat up at 6:30 (she said she wanted to get up then) and we went out for breakfast at Fast Eddy’s. I surprised the waitress by ordering a works burger and chips for breakfast, but it doesn’t feel like breakfast for me – it’s just another meal, so I don’t feel the need to be constrained into eating what others consider normal for that time of day.

I’ve been doing the psychomotor vigilance test (aka “How quick are your reactions – are you tired?”) at Wellcome Collection upon the recommendation of a friend and scoring well no matter what time of the day, so pretty happy with that.

The world is a beautiful place at 6am when the sun’s just rising!

I’ve usually been such a night owl that I’m rarely alert first thing in the morning. Today’s experience just might turn me into a “morning person” *gasp*

Doing stretching first thing in the morning definitely has improved my day. It was cold and I didn’t feel like doing it, but man I’m glad I did!

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORNING-MIKE!!!! That would be awesome considering i’m a morning bird and was always lamenting that our ‘best’ was at different times… It was so much fun doing breakfast while the rest of the city slept (except our cheerful waitress!)

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