Secondary Mission Objective Achieved

So it’s day 86 of the 90 day run challenge and I’ve officially achieved my secondary mission objective: to run for 30 minutes at or under my aerobic heart rate threshold at an average pace of 6:30 mins/km.

It was a long day of running around going places, helping out at concerts, keeping Jamie quiet (anyone who thinks a 9 month old boy will just sit still and quiet for hours on end is delusional), but after the first km of my run registered 6:02 and I was feeling fast, I thought today could be the day. When I hit a 6:14 min/km for the second kilometre, I was pretty confident – all I needed to do was hold on.

Problem was the second half is where the hills lie and a reasonable head wind. It’s stymied me in the past, but not today. All that extra running this week has clearly paid off.

I managed it, barely, running 4.63 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 6:29 mins/km, average heart rate (thankfully – that had me worried) of 151 bpm!

It means I’ve improved by over 2 minutes per km since day 1 of this challenge! That’s a whopping 134% improvement in speed at the same heart rate in only 86 days.

Slight problem is that my brand new shoes I wore today are maybe half a size too small. Or maybe my socks were too thick. But I ended up with a painful blister on the side of my big toe. Ah well, I’ll change up my shoes for the next few runs to let it heal, then try my injinji socks.

Secondary mission objective achieved. 4 more days of running more and I will also have achieved the primary mission objective.

This calls for a celebratory beer 🙂

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