For 40 Days

Today is day 40 of the 90 day run challenge. Almost half way there, but it feels like I’ve been doing it for a lot longer.

Today I beat my previous best of 4.25 km which I only set 2 days ago. Before that it was a long time since I ran a best time, so it’s good to break it again so soon.

Ran 4.28 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 7:00 mins/km, average heart rate of 149 bpm.

Did a 70 metre hill sprint afterwards, focusing on high knees.

Shouldn’t be too long before I break 7:00 mins/km average. When you get a 6:04 min first km, it’s always going to be a faster time. I could have pushed a bit harder and gotten a sub 6:00, given my heart rate didn’t even hit 151 bpm until 4 minutes in. But then would it have impacted my later splits? Hopefully I can test that theory tomorrow.

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