Day 24 Run Challenge

Ran at 7 am today to beat the heat. It’s meant to be 34 degrees later. No thank you!

Today was a challenge to run hard enough to keep my heart rate up at 151 bpm. My right Tibialis Anterior was painfully tight, so I had to drop to walking a few times to relax it, even though I wasn’t at 151 bpm. Once my heart rate even went down to 130. Part of that is my increasing fitness causes my heart rate to drop quickly when I walk. I think it may be due to an early morning run after a long day on my feet yesterday. Add to that all the less-than-healthy food I ate yesterday (joint birthday parties) and it’s a recipe for sub-par performances.

Still ended up passing 4 km, which is great for me.

I did 4.13 km in the 30 minutes at an average pace of 7:16 mins/km, average heart rate of 147 bpm (see what I mean?!).

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